Shhh... How IT Works

Ready to start services? It’s no secret it's easy!

1.      Visit our pricing page.  Find the service you are interested in, place the item in your shopping cart, and check out.

2.      We will then contact you to coordinate your service!

3.      Your first visit will take longer than normal, as we will require you to be home for this visit. We will interview you and discuss your service needs in detail before completing the first visit. Depending on how long it has been since you cleaned the service area, there may be an initial clean up fee associated with the first visit.

When we arrive to complete services:

The health and safety of our customers and their pets is the most important thing to us.  

  • We will always arrive with clean and sanitized tools to do the job! 
  • We will spray our shoes and waste pickup equipment with a disinfectant used in veterinary hospitals to kill viruses and bacteria.   
  • We will use a fresh pickup bag for every client. We double bag the scooped poop and take it with us.  
  • Once complete, we will double check that everything is secure, and all gates are closed.  
  • After we are finished at your residence, our shoes and equipment are cleaned and sanitized before moving on to another customer. This will ensure there is no spread of bacteria or diseases between customers’ residences.  
  • If we notice anything strange during our visit, such as environmental dangers in the yard or health concerns found in the poop, we will send you a notification of what we found.  

Is there a question we didn't answer for you?

Check out our FAQs page for more information.