Whether it is pet toys, treats, bedding, or grooming items, it seems that pet owners are regularly buying something new for their furry friends. Currently, one of the popular trends in online shopping is pet subscription boxes. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to provide toys and treats for your pets, a subscription box is a great option. If you have dogs or cats, you can relate to spending $5-$15 on a single new toy for them at a pet store. The average price of a monthly subscription box ranges from $19-$30.

Purchasing a subscription box will give your pet 2-5 toys, and 2-4 bags of treats, providing plenty of variety, and keeping your pet entertained. Furthermore, there are many different subscription boxes available and customizable to you and your pet’s needs. Whether you have a small or large breed dog, multiple cats, toy destroyers, or anything in between, there is a box available for your pet.  Here are 5 of the most popular subscription boxes available, priced to fit in anyone’s budget.

For The Feline Fanatics

The Kitnip Box: This cat-themed subscription box is delivered once monthly, with 5-7 toys, treats, and other cute items for you and your kitty. This subscription box comes with a new “theme” each month, such as rockstars, walk in the woods, and deli themed. If you prefer not to get any cat treats with the box, you have an option to get a toy-only box for your kitty.  If you are a multiple cat household, this subscription box also comes in a multi-cat option, providing a few more toys each month. The Kitnip box is priced at $16-$25 monthly.

Meow Box is another great subscription box for cats, which has a combination of 5 different kitty-themed toys and treats. You also have the option to get a larger box if you have multiple cats. For the kitties with dietary restrictions, you have the opportunity to get no treats in the box, which they will substitute for a toy. Each time you purchase a box, a portion of profits goes towards helping out an animal shelter. Meow box also likes supporting small businesses by including at least one handmade toy in each box you get.  Each month, the toys and treats have a new theme, keeping things exciting and fun for you and your kitty.  The Meowbox starts at $22.95.

And The Perfect Pups…

Barkbox is one of the most popular monthly subscription boxes for dogs. This subscription box is customizable based on the size of the dog you have. Whether you have a chihuahua or a Great Dane, Barkbox has options for your pup! With the Barkbox starting at $22 monthly, it is very affordable. Each box comes with 2 toys, 2 all-natural treats, and a chew. You also have the option to add more items to each box if you wish.  There is a new theme of box each month, catering to fun holidays, or other silly ideas. 

My favorite thing about Barkbox is the many options you have available to customize the box for your pups. If you have dogs with food allergies, rest assured that Barkbox can still provide treats safe for your pup. All the dog treats are all-natural and do not contain any corn, wheat, or soy products. Furthermore, you also have the option for Barkbox to exclude any treats that contain chicken, turkey, or beef (or all the above), which are the common allergens for dogs with food allergies. 

Barkbox also has a Super Chewer option, great for dogs that tend to shred any toys or chews. The super chewer option comes with 2 tough toys, 2 bags of treats, and 2 meaty chews designed for the toughest of chewers. The super chewer option starts at $29 monthly.

Bullymake Box is another excellent monthly subscription box for your dog. If your dog shreds through their toys, this is the subscription box for you! Every toy in the Bullymake box comes with a 14-day durability and satisfaction guarantee. If your dog chews up their toy within 2 weeks, they get a new one, FREE! Furthermore, if your dog doesn’t like a toy, you can replace it with an item you know your dog will love.  The monthly subscriptions start out as low as $31 monthly, depending on how long you want to sign up for the subscription.  

Each Bullymake box contains 2-3 toys and 3-4 bags of treats. Bullymake boxes can also cater to dogs with food allergies. When signing up for the box, you can select treat options excluding specific ingredients. For those of us that have picky eaters, or pets on diets, you can choose to have a toy-only box. All of the dog treats that come in Bullymake Box are made in the USA.  Another great benefit to this subscription box is FREE shipping!

Other Great Options

If you really want to support a company that gives back to the pet community, check out RescueBox. Each purchase from RescueBox helps facilitate donations of food and vaccinations to shelter dogs and cats across the United States. This monthly subscription box comes in a dog or cat option, and the dog option caters to the specific size of the dog you have. Each month will have a new theme of assorted toys and treats that your pet will love! Subscriptions start at $23.45 per month.

More Subscription Boxes for Extra-Special Pets!

If you are looking for a really unique pet-themed subscription box for your lifestyle, check out Cratejoy. This website offers subscription box options for all types of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and even farm animals.  There are uniquely themed subscription boxes available, such as this WineDog box or the Catitude box, which also feature items for your home.

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