Services Offered

Dog Waste Removal Services

Don’t have the time or energy to scoop your dog’s poop? We can help! We will come to your residence to scoop your dog’s poop once weekly, twice weekly, or however often you desire. We offer one-time dog waste removal services as well. Sign up for your dog waste removal services now!

Curb Service Haul Away for Pet Waste

We can haul away your pet waste for you! Want to scoop the poop yourself, but don’t want to have it stink up your normal garbage can? We can help with that. You will get your own trash can for pet waste. We will stop by once weekly (or whatever is convenient for you) to pick up that pet waste. Just place your garbage can out near your road on the service day and we will pick up the waste and deodorize the garbage can. You can sign up for this service online!

Litter Box Cleaning and Sanitizing

Litter Box Cleaning and Sanitizing

Never buy kitty litter again! We will provide litter boxes and extra litter. We will stop by your residence once weekly or twice weekly to empty, clean, sanitize, and refill your pet’s litter box. Just place your pet’s dirty litter box in a storage tote we have provided you and place the tote on your porch. We will take care of the rest! 

Coming Soon! Call or email us for more Information.

Yard Deodorizing or Sanitizing

Is your back yard stinky, even when your pet’s waste is picked up? We can fix that! We will deodorize your yard with an environmentally safe product designed to help with pet odors. This product is safe around children, pets, and plants.  

If you feel your yard needs to be sanitized, we can do that too! We use an environmentally safe product designed to kill bacteria and harmful pathogens such as Canine Parvovirus, Feline Calicivirus, and FelinePanleukopenia. Much like pest control treatments, we will hose down the desired areas, and that’s it! This product is completely safe around children, pets, and plants. We will need access to a working garden hose when sanitizing your yard.  

Yard Deodorizing or Sanitizing
We also offer odor control services for yards and patios.

Deck/Patio/Sidewalk Spray

Are your pets making your deck, patio, or sidewalk less than pleasant? We will be happy to scrub, wash, and rinse with a sanitizer/deodorizer to make that area look and smell nice again!  

Dog Walking Services

Dog trainers and veterinarians state that a large amount of behavioral problems in dogs can be linked with not enough mental or physical exercise. If you are a busy person and don’t have a lot of time to exercise your pup regularly, we can help!  We will come to your residence and take your dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  Schedule your dog’s next walk now!  

Dog Walking Services

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