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Dog Walking and Waste Removal


Aw Dogg is a pet service business, specializing in quality pet waste removal for dogs and cats. Need help with dog walking and waste removal? You came to the right place. Our services include: poop scooping for dogs, cat litter box cleaning, curbside haul aways, as well as patio/sidewalk scrubs, sanitizing, and cleanups. We also offer dog walking services!

Working in the pet industry for over 13 years, we love pets, and love to help pets and their owners out in any way that we can. Pet waste removal is important for the health of all pets as well as their owners.

This is a great service for folks that cannot get outside as often to clean up after their pets, as well as busy families that don’t have time to either clean up after their pets or walk their dog!

We also offer dog walking services!
Aw Dogg offers dog walking services!
Awdogg treats pets like family
Our services are also available to commercial companies such as apartment complexes, public parks, and cleanup for public pet-related events.

What We Offer!

We also offer odor control services for yards and patios.
Odor control services for yards and patios.

Dog Waste Removal Services

Don’t have time or the energy to scoop your dog’s poop? We can help! We will come to your residence to scoop your dog’s poop once weekly, twice weekly, or however often you desire. Also, one-time dog waste removal services are available as well. Sign up for your dog waste removal services now!

Curb Service Haul Away for Pet Waste

Our team can haul away your pet waste for you! Want to scoop the poop yourself, but don’t want to have it stink up your normal garbage can? We can help with that. You will get your own trash can for pet waste. We will stop by once weekly (or what is convenient for you) to pick up that pet waste. Just place your garbage can out near your road on the service day and we will pick up the waste and deodorize the garbage can.  You can sign up for this service online!

Curb Service Haul Away for Pet Waste

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