Like pet owners, cats can have many different personality types, from timid and shy to outgoing and affectionate, and anywhere in between. Some cats are born with individual personalities, and other cats have changed their character based on their living environment. Furthermore, whether a cat is an only cat in a household or one of many cats can also influence their personality. Despite what many people think about cats, they are very social animals. They crave interaction with their owners regularly. Even timid cats appreciate love and affection in their own way. A meaningful way to bond and show affection to our cats is by playing with them, and that is where cat toys come into the picture!

Some pet owners consider toys for their cats to be silly and unnecessary, but that statement is far from the truth. Although cats tend to sleep anywhere from 15-18 hours a day, playtime and exercise are super important to their physical and mental health. Many studies are proving that cats which get regular activity and exercise not only are healthier, they also have fewer behavioral problems. Let’s look at some of the best types of toys for your cat based on their unique personality types.

Suggestions for the Shy Felines

Shy, Introverted, and skittish felines generally are not feeling secure with themselves or their environment. These kitties will benefit from an environment providing them with hiding places, where they can tuck themselves away in a quiet area and take a nap or observe their surroundings.  If you have a shy kitty, the good news is you can help them build their confidence with you and their environment through play. Here are some excellent toys to try out with your shy feline.

Moody Pet Fling String Cat Toy
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This toy is great for shy felines because you can simply hang this toy on a doorknob or on the wall, and it will encourage your cat to interact with it. The best way to describe this toy is a string-flinging machine; this toy is a motorized toy that has a string attached to it. The string will move at the base and fling itself out and around, enticing your cat to catch and play with the string. The toy has adjustable speeds for how fast the string can fling around.  This toy is also backed up by a lifetime warranty. If any parts on the toy break, Moody Pet will send you free replacement parts. Make sure to watch your kitty for the first few times they use this toy to ensure they don’t try to eat the string.

Kitty City Large Tunnel Cat Bed
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This doubles as a comfy cat bed as well as a tunnel for your kitty to hide in! Furthermore, the tunnel has a plush toy ball hanging from a string that your kitty can bat at while they are playing in the tunnel. This tunnel bed can be great for timid cats to feel safe while still providing them encouragement to start playing.

Feather Cat Teaser Toy
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A great way to entice your shy cats to branch out a little and have some fun is to encourage their hunting and chasing instincts with a teaser toy. This toy resembles a fishing pole; it has a wand with some string attached and an assortment of fluffy toys at the end of the line. I really like this specific teaser toy because the toys at the end of the line are interchangeable, and you can really learn which type of toy your cat enjoys chasing.  The wand of the toy is retractable up to 3 feet long, and can also shrink down to 14 inches in case you have a smaller space to play in.  My cat will bring me this toy when she is feeling in the mood to play!

Toys for the Dominant, Impulsive, Restless, or Spontaneous Felines

If you have a cat that may bully or be aggressive towards other cats or animals in your house, it can be an unpleasant experience for everyone. Or, maybe your kitty isn’t necessarily a bully; instead, they are impulsive or restless and have a hard time calming down. Whatever the case may be, helping your cat expel some energy can undoubtedly make them happier and more pleasant to be around. Here are some great toys to help them get some energy out of their system so they can chill out.  

Cat Amazing Treat Maze Puzzle Feeder
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Although this is technically not a toy, this is an excellent solution for cats that can’t settle down. This puzzle feeder contains different sized and shaped dividers for you to stuff food or treats inside it for your cat to hunt and discover.  This toy will help with boredom and anxious cats because it keeps your cat busy looking and hunting for their food or treats.  Depending on the cat, some cats can stay occupied for hours looking for their food and treats inside this puzzle. This puzzle tends to be a basic version of a food puzzle, suitable for “beginners” or cats that don’t need too much of a challenge to keep them busy.

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If your cat tends to be smarter and figures things out quickly, you can try Doc and Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder. This food puzzle has numerous mice that you can fill with your cat’s food or treats and hide around the house for your cat to find. Once your cat discovers the mouse, they can then jiggle it around to dispense some kibble or treats. 

Cat Kicker Fish Toy
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This interactive toy is a great way for your cat to burn off some energy. This toy looks like a real fish and kicks its tail back and forth, enticing your cat to wrestle with it. It comes with a catnip pouch to insert in the toy if your cat is one to like catnip.

Zene’s Electric Flutter Butterfly Toy
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This toy has a butterfly attached to a flexible wire that flies around erratically, encouraging your cat’s natural hunting instincts. The butterfly has long strings attached to the tail area, enticing your cat to chase it. This toy is excellent for helping your cat chase their “prey” and burn off some energy!

Toys for the Outgoing, Friendly Felines

If your kitty is described as warm and outgoing, or active and curious about their environment, then they are going to need interactive toys. Look for toys that encourage your cat to explore, chase around, and interact with you. Here are a few great toys to encourage your cat’s active and friendly personality.

Laser Cat Toys
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Laser cat toys are great toys for you to play and interact with your cat. If your cat enjoys chasing lights, little red dots, or even flashlights, then you need to try out a laser cat toy. You can get a handheld laser toy, or there are many automated models available that you can purchase and place on a table or hang from a door. There are specific models, such as the Petsafe Automatic Laser Cat Toy, that have timers on them. The timers will ensure the toy is only running for 15-20 minutes at a time to make sure your cat doesn’t play for too long.

Hexbug Robotic Cat Toy
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The Hexbug robotic cat toy is an excellent toy for cats that like to chase objects. This toy can erratically change directions and make movements that mimic a bug crawling around, enticing your cat to pursue after it. There are tails and feathers attached to the end of the toy to pique your cat’s interest. One downside with this toy is that it is smaller in size, and therefore it works best when used on hard, flat surfaces as it might not move around too well on carpeted areas.

Interactive Robotic Cat Teaser Toy
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This great little robotic toy on wheels is designed to entice your cat to pounce and chase it around. This toy has an interchangeable tail so your cat can chase either a feather or a fuzzy ball. This toy works excellent on all flooring surfaces and spins around erratically to get your cat interested. The toy can be charged via USB, so there is no need to worry about changing batteries constantly.

Still Unsure About Which Toys to Try?

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Every cat has a different personality and different play preferences. If your cat is not responding to certain toys and you are not quite sure what to get them, you can always try a variety pack of toys. There are many multi-toy packages available that contain different varieties so you can experiment and find what interests your cat the most. Check out this 24-toy assortment found on Amazon, it is inexpensive and comes with a little bit of everything for your kitty! Whichever toys your kitty doesn’t like you can give to other cat owners or donate them to your local shelter.

While looking at different toy options can seem overwhelming, don’t give up.  The essential thing to remember is that you are making the effort to spend time with your cat and getting to know their real personality. Many cats become less shy or less temperamental when their owners spend a few minutes every day playing with them and encouraging them to venture a little bit out of their comfort zone. Get to know what your cat likes and take the time to play with them. Toys and playtime will help exercise your cat, stimulate their hunting and problem-solving skills, and reduce the potential for destructive behaviors. Choosing the right toys will ensure you and your kitty will enjoy playtime. Have fun picking out new toys for your cat!

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