There is nothing like getting out in the RV and going places! You have the luxuries of home and yet you can go camping just about anywhere you would like. When pets are involved, it makes the experience even better, but it comes with some new sets of challenges too. All a sudden you now have toddlers running around in your RV, and if your pets are anything like mine, they will find something to get into. 

I personally do not own an RV but my husband’s parents do, and we lived out of the RV for two weeks while we were trying to get into our new house. Yep, four dogs and a cat, as well as three grown adults. It was tight quarters!  After that experience, and of course going camping several times with the pets since then, I found some items that are a must-have if you have pets in your RV. Check them out, I’m confident you will agree. All of the item names contain links to websites for more information, in case you wanted to check them out further.

RV Pet Safety Monitor

If your planning on leaving your pet in your RV for any period, this device is for you! Just like with vehicles, RV’s can get extremely warm or cold. This device will monitor the internal temperature of your RV and send you alerts to your phone or email, your preference. The device is just placed in your RV and it runs off a 4G cellular signal for reliability. That way if you decide to leave the pets in the RV and it suddenly turns into a hot day, you will get an alert when the RV starts to heat up. What a great peace of mind knowing your loved ones are monitored while your out having fun.

RV Screen Door Saver

If your pets are always at the door checking things out, this might be the thing for you. I know if my pup saw something worth getting excited over, he would have no hesitation to mash through the screen door to chase after it.  I had another pup growing up that thought the screen door was his own doggy door, he would rip through every screen we had just so he could come and go as he pleased. This device is an aluminum mesh grille that fastens over your screen, so your pets won’t break the screen. I wish I had this growing up!

Child Safety Locks for Cabinets

My kitty learned very quickly how to open cabinet doors in my house, and while she never cared to get into things, that could be dangerous if you have smart critters that know how to open the cabinets. These child safety locks will prevent your clever pets from opening the cabinets and can stay on permanently as they have a nice easy way of being able to unlock when you need to get in the cabinets.

Stove Knob Locks

If you have dogs or cats that you know are counter-surfers, this is the way to go. These locks will prevent them from jumping up and accidentally turning on the stove as they fasten over the knobs and lock the knobs in place.  Good safety features!

Portable No-Spill Water Bowl

This is a neat bowl, it is nice and short so it can slide in tight spaces if needed, and it doesn’t matter how full you fill it, it keeps the water in. When you’re not using it, you can set the bowl upright for travel and not worry about spilling. Check out the video for how it works. No more water messes when you’re driving down the road!

Portable Food Storage and Food Bowls

Depending on how long you will be in the RV with your pet will depend on what works for you, but not having to carry the huge bag of pet food around helps as there is never enough space and storage in an RV.  The convenience of having the travel bowls is so nice, that way you don’t have to use your pet’s regular food bowls and worry about forgetting to grab the food bowls when you leave for your trip. You can just leave the set of travel bowls in the RV!

The tiny travel container pictured above is relatively decent sized, it holds about 7 cups of medium-sized dog kibble. The top and bottom of the container come off and are food bowls! I have three for my pets. If you need more food storage, try this collapsible container, pictured on the side, which also comes with food bowls. The container holds about 30 cups of food according to the item description.

RV Mattress Protector

This is a must when you have pets, even if your pets are potty trained! My ball obsessive dog will go for hours playing fetch, then he will drink a ton of water. We learned to pay attention to when we are deciding to play fetch with him, as just like with children if he drinks too much before bedtime, we will have an accident. This mattress protector will protect any pet accidents or spills from getting to your mattress.  It also helps with protecting the mattress from dust mites and allergens.

Waterproof Dog Blanket

If your pups are always exploring the outdoors to the fullest potential, this is the way to go for you. My Husky is nearly impossible to keep out of the water and I always make sure I have a towel or blanket for when we are done with the adventures. This blanket will protect your bed or furniture from any dirt, debris, or wetness.

Shark Cordless Hand Vacuum

A good portable vacuum is a must-have for an RV, but especially when you have pets. You need to have some solution to keep up with all the hair. This cordless hand vacuum does the job well, and the rechargeable battery lasts a long time. The suction on this vacuum is impressive and it has no problem picking up spilled kibble, or even a heavy cat litter mess.  It is small enough to get into tough spots too!

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of these items for your RV! Whatever adventure you decide to take your pets on, you can have the peace of mind knowing that these items will make your experience a little more enjoyable. Pets are our companions, so why should we have to leave them behind if we are going on RV adventures?  Those of you that live in an RV year-round, I’m so jealous! Please feel free to share some more of your ideas on how you manage the RV experience with your pets.  Also, check out my post on pet camping essentials if you’re looking for some fun pet gear, or if you’re doing a big RV trip, check out my post on traveling with pets!


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