Are you looking for an original and inexpensive gift to give a pet lover? Why not make them something special?  Check out this list of simple Do It Yourself (DIY) gifts for a pet lover. Whether you are a very talented and creative person, or you may be a little creatively challenged like me, there is something on this list for everyone to try! Get the family together for a fun time making gifts!

I’m not out to steal anyone’s project idea, so I won’t be posting any pictures. However, Pinterest, Etsy, and Google really had some great examples and inspirations for this list of projects!

Homemade pet treats are a fun and creative idea for the pet lovers in your life. Make up a batch of their pet’s favorite treats and place them in a cute treat jar!  You can even make your own treat jar using a mason jar and some paint, stencils, and ribbon! Wrap it up with a cute customized gift tag, and it will be a touching gift!

Are you into crocheting or knitting? How about making a cute holiday hat or pet stocking? If you know someone with a smaller pet or a pet that gets cold quickly, how about making them a pet sweater?

No-sew pet beds are a creative and easy solution for pets that need a new cozy bed. All you need is a pillow or other padding, some fleece, and scissors! Check out this article on Pinterest for detailed instructions!  If you don’t prefer to buy material for the bed, check out this article on an upcycled old sweater pet bed!

For the cat lovers, how about a new scratching post? They really are not that complicated to make and relatively inexpensive. Check out this article on Pinterest for a DIY Scratching post for cats. 

If the scratching post isn’t your favorite idea for a cat lover, try some customized cat shelves. Cats love to climb, so why not make something that is Ok for them to climb on! Check out this article for more information!

For dog lovers, a customized leash hanger is a cute and creative gift to give. Some have even been creative enough to attach a treat jar or picture of the pet to their leash hangers!

If you know someone with an older pet or an arthritic pet, pet steps are an excellent option. Pet steps can be used to help the pet get around the house, in vehicles, or even on the bed or couch (if they are allowed!) 

Framed Paw Prints are a great way of making memories! Get some ink, pretty paper, and the pet to make an imprint of their paw. Depending on your creativity, you can write or stencil the pet’s name and add a picture. Frame the project, and you have a great gift!

Paracord Pet Collars are a new trend, and they are easy to make! I understand that if you can make a paracord bracelet then you can make a dog collar! Plus, they are super durable for your pet! Check out this article on how to make your own paracord collar for a pet.

If you know someone who is a wine connoisseur, how about making some personalized wine glass charms? You could get some cute beads and little pendants to add to the charms and really make them personal. They make some lovely paw print pendants, and other cute pet-themed charms to use. Check out this article on how to make your own wine glass charms.  If you feel up to adding some pet-themed wine glasses- check out this website! 

Another great personalized pet gift is to make your own pet gift basket. Throw in the pet’s favorite treats, a toy, a new collar or leash, or even pet grooming items. You can put everything in a new food bowl or a gift bag or basket. If you don’t want to make the gift basket all about the pet, you can also throw in other customizable items. Some ideas include a picture frame with a cute picture of the pet, or a lovely pet-themed apparel item such as a scarf, tie, or socks, or maybe one of the other DIY items on this list!

For the pets that love new toys, you can try your own DIY Holiday Cat toy (check out the link), or you could upcycle an old T-shirt for a new DIY Dog Tug Toy!

If you are looking for a great holiday-themed gift to make, try making a DIY pet ornament. You could make an ornament out of a picture of a pet, or even make a paw-print pet ornament!

A gift for every kind of pet lover

These are just a few fun DIY gift ideas I found floating around out there! As I mentioned, Pinterest and Etsy had other great inspirations!

PSST…If you still can’t find anything on this your willing to try and make, check out my blog post on 15 Perfect Gifts to Get for the Pet Lovers in Your Life!

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