Terms of Service

Authorization to Provide Services

By purchasing any of our services, the client authorizes Aw Dogg permission to be on their property to complete the services requested. Aw Dogg will perform the services requested in a professional, reliable and trustworthy manner. By purchasing any services from Aw Dogg, the client holds harmless and waives any claims against Aw Dogg or its employees, unless arising from gross negligence on the part of Aw Dogg.

We are licensed and insured

We are fully licensed and insured. Proof of insurance shall always be available for inspection by the customer at their request.

Staff Safety Around Dogs

If our client’s dogs are friendly, we have no problem working with the dogs in the yard. However, we will not take any unnecessary risks with our staff or our client’s dogs, so if you know your dog is not friendly around strangers, or if it becomes apparent that they will not let us service your yard, we will ask you to please keep your dog inside while we are performing services. 

We will not enter a residence with a dog in the service area showing any signs of agitation, aggression, or overly excitable barking. If we enter a yard and encounter an unfriendly pet, we will do our best to calmly diffuse the situation and exit the yard if possible. We do reserve the right to protect ourselves by any means necessary in accordance with the situation at hand.  It is the client’s responsibility to respect the safety of Aw Dogg and our staff entering the property while performing services.  If an attack occurs by no fault of Aw Dogg staff members, clients will be required to provide proof of vaccination records on the spot and we may be required to notify animal control or proper authorities.  We love our canine clients; however, the safety of our staff members and the safety of our client’s dogs is our top priority!

Payment of Services

All service packages are Prepaid, and therefore payment must be received before services are scheduled. We accept all major credit cards. We do accept cash payments, however electing to pay in cash will require the client to be home for us to collect payment prior to services being performed.

Inclement Weather

We work year-round, rain or shine! The only time we will not be able to provide services is during a lightning storm, for safety reasons.  With dog walking services, for the safety of the dog and our walkers, walks will not be occurring if the temperature is above 90F during the time of the scheduled walk. We do not want to have any heat exhaustion or any burnt paws while walking. If weather conditions become unsafe for Aw Dogg employees to perform services, we will pause services until the conditions improve.

Client Satisfaction

Our mission is to have every customer completely satisfied with the quality of service we provide. If you ever feel that we have not performed a service to your satisfaction, contact us within 24 hours of receiving the service and we will correct the situation to your satisfaction.


We do not offer refunds for payment of services unless the reason is an error on Aw Dogg’s part. If you decide to cancel services, we will not issue refunds for un-used services unless the reason for cancellation is the unfortunate death of a pet.

Cancellations/Changes to Services

Our entire mission for our business is to satisfy our customers, however we understand that life events can happen. We do not require contracts or have termination fees for cancellation of services. You can contact us via email at any time to cancel or change your services.

Gain or Loss of Pets

Our services are dictated on the number of pets in a client’s household, due to the amount of time needed to complete the services. If a customer has five dogs and they request us to clean their yard, it will take us longer to complete the service than a customer with one dog requesting the same service.  It is the client’s responsibility to notify Aw Dogg of any gain or loss of pets in order for the service rates to be adjusted.   Aw Dogg reserves the right to increase or adjust service rates accordingly.

Refusal or Termination of Services

Aw Dogg reserves the right to refuse or terminate services to any client, at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to any information found on a client questionnaire being misrepresented or to be found untruthful in any way.

Dog Walking Services:

Safety Concerns

As mentioned in the “Staff Safety Around Dogs’ statement, Aw Dogg reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services if the customer’s pet becomes a threat to the safety and health of Aw Dogg or the community due to aggressive behavior. For the safety of Aw Dogg and the client’s dog, Aw Dogg employees will not attempt to walk a dog that exhibits signs of agitation, aggression, or overly excitable barking.


For safety reasons, your dog will never be let off leash for any reason, except for any medical emergency in which the leash would cause further harm.

Service Concerns

Aw Dogg will provide services in a kind, humane, and trustworthy manner. The customer agrees to notify Aw Dogg of any service concerns within 24 hours of their dog’s return to them.  Aw Dogg will make every effort to address the concerns to the customer’s satisfaction in a timely manner.


In case of emergency, inclement weather, or a natural disaster occurring while the customer’s dog is under the care of Aw Dogg, the customer authorizes Aw Dogg to use their reasonable judgement for the care and wellbeing of the dog.

In the event of a medical emergency, Aw Dogg agrees to notify the customer at the contact phone numbers provided on the customer questionnaire. If Aw Dogg is unable to reach the customer, Aw Dogg is authorized to seek any medical care if deemed necessary to the pets listed in this agreement, and other individuals that may have been affected by said medical emergency, including requesting or arranging for any medical or veterinary treatment.  The customer will hold harmless and expressly waive all claims against Aw Dogg for any injuries to the dog caused by other animals or people outside of the Aw Dogg employee’s control.

Pet Waste Removal Services:

Guarantee of Service:

Our mission is to have every customer completely satisfied with the quality of service we provide. With dog waste removal, if we are performing the service while your dog is in the yard with us, it is impossible to guarantee we have picked up every pile as we can’t be there all day with your dog! We only pick up pet waste that we can see to the best of our ability. For Aw Dogg to perform services to the best of our ability, it is the client’s responsibility to keep their yard cleaned up of debris/litter so that we can remove all visible pet waste in the yard (or service area requested).  If you ever feel that we have not performed a service to your satisfaction, contact us within 24 hours of receiving the service and we will come out and correct the situation to your satisfaction.

Service Days and Times for Pet Waste Removal

Service days are dictated by your address and our established route system. From time to time we may need to reschedule your service day, however prior notice will be given. For example, we will not service your residence on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, or Thanksgiving Day.  If any of the holidays fall on a scheduled service day for you, we will come on another day during that week to ensure your residence is taken care of!

We do not guarantee what time we will be visiting your residence on your service day as it is dependent on many variables in the day, however we will guarantee your residence will be serviced on your designated service day.

Missed Service Day:

If Aw Dogg is unable to provide a service due to circumstances beyond our control such as locked gates, obstructed entry points, aggressive pets in the service area, or extreme inclement weather, we will contact the customer and make every effort possible to schedule the missed service day on another day that week.

Cancelling a service day

If a customer needs to cancel a service day, please contact us via phone and we will work to see when we can reschedule the service. Please let us know 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel a service day