Let’s talk first aid kits for your pet! Much like people should have a first aid kit in their house, there should be one assembled for the pets as well. Although pet first aid kits can contain similar items to human first aid kits, they are still different enough to warrant having one around. Tylenol or most “aspirins” for example, can be highly toxic to dogs and cats, and yet it is commonly found in human first aid kits.  Human band-aids won’t work too well on pets either due to their furry coats!

There are many kits available to purchase, however each pet ‘s needs are unique.

There are a lot of articles out there on do-it-yourself first aid kits for pets. This is a great idea, but when assembling all the items for the kit, it can get a little costly rather quickly. There are plenty of pet first aid kits available for purchase that could save you a little money and they contain 90% of what is needed in your kit. It can be much more cost effective to start with one of these kits and customize them from there.

Purpose of a first aid kit

First aid kits are not meant to substitute taking your baby to the vet!

Just like with people, pet first aid kits are not designed to substitute going to the doctor for injuries, they are meant to provide immediate help for an injury so that the animal has the time to get to the doctor and receive the medical attention they need. Whether it is bandaging a small wound to prevent the wound from getting dirty and excessively bleeding or making a homemade “splint” for your pet so they do not further injure themselves while you are transporting them to safety, first aid kits can come in handy when you need them. Accidents never happen at a convenient time or place, and therefore having one place to go to grab some quick materials will save time and messes.

What should be in the kit?

What are some regular adventures that your include your pet in?

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which first aid kit will best suit your needs.  There are even mini-kits available for activities such as working dogs, camping, hiking, and even all-inclusive kits. Whichever kit you choose, you will have to tailor it to your pet’s specific needs and lifestyle as there is not a one-size fit all option. Here are some items that should always be in your first aid kit:

As you can see, there are a lot of items that can go into a first aid kit! Here are my top five ready-made pet first aid kits, found off Amazon.com, however they are also found in your local pet stores:

All the above mentioned first aid kits are very comprehensive and are good tools to get you started! With a kit like this, you can be prepared for any adventure with your pet!  Its always a good idea to keep mini- first aid kits in your vehicles as well as hiking or adventure gear bags.

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