Moving is always an exciting process! Whether you have already made the decision and have found a home, or if you’re starting the process, moving can be a challenge. The logistics of searching for the perfect home and weighing the decisions of the home location, cost of living, and making sure it has all the amenities can be a long process.  

Whether it is moving across town, across your state, or the country, it can be a challenge when you have pets in the mix! Pets are surrendered to animal shelters for this very reason; pet owners have decided not to take them with in the process of moving.  If research is done before moving, likely this situation can be reconsidered or even avoided. By the end of this article, pet owners will have some great tips and tricks for moving with pets, whether it be a move across town or going cross-country!

A few factors to consider before the move:

Planning a move with pets involved is not a long, drawn-out process, and in a way, it is not much different than moving with toddlers. With careful planning, any move can go smoothly. Some factors to take into consideration are the type of pets you have (dogs, cats, fish, horses, etc.), and how far away is the move from your current house to the new home.

Once you have an idea of how you are going to move out of your current house and approximately how long it will take, you can then consider the logistics.

Driving to your new house?

Flying the pets?

During the move:

Once at the new house:

Once you have made it to your new home, plan for an adjustment process for the pets.

A smooth process

With a little planning and some preparation, moving with pets can be a relatively seamless process. Consider the plan on how quickly you will make a move and how you will transition the pets. Remember that it is a new process for everyone, including pets. Whether you are just starting the house-hunting process or your getting ready for the moving day, good luck, and may it be a quick move for you and the critters! 

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