So you need to find a new place to call home, or maybe you found a great opportunity in a new town. Whether you have already made the decision and have found a rental, or if you’re starting the process, moving can be a challenge. The logistics of searching for the perfect home and weighing the decisions of the home location, cost of living, and making sure it has all the amenities can be a long process.  Pets can sometimes make this process a little more complicated. When looking for a house to rent, pets can be a significant factor in the decision-making process.

What You Might Be Up Against

Some pet owners do not responsibly look after their pets, thus leading to their pets getting into mischief and damaging the home.  Accidents happen, however not everyone can or will fix damages done by their pets. For these reasons, finding a place to rent when you have pets can be rather challenging. Landlords don’t like taking the risk of having pets damaging their homes. Therefore, they will ask a lot of personal questions before deciding to allow you and your pets into their rental.  It’s a tough and competitive rental market out there. Let’s talk about ways to improve your odds of finding a perfect place for your living situation that allows pets.

Consider Both Your Families’ & Your Pets’ Lifestyles

Ask A Lot of Questions About The Rental

Have Letters of Recommendation Readily Available When Submitting Your Rental Application

Be Prepared to Get Personal About Your Pets

Once You Have Found A Place To Live

With careful consideration and research, pet owners can find an excellent place to rent. Consider your living dynamics as well as all the options you have available to you before making a quick decision on a new rental. By compiling a realistic list of housing needs for yourself and being prepared to answer some questions about your pets, you will be that much closer to getting into the rental of your dreams.  Good luck with your house-hunting!

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