If you have dogs that get bored easily or just love treats, Kong toys are the way to go! Kong toys serve many purposes; they can be a durable chew toy, a fetch toy, and even an interactive toy to stuff food and treats in the center.  My pups are crate trained, and a great way to keep them from getting too bored is to give them a treat-stuffed Kong when they go in their crates.  This is especially rewarding in the summertime when it is warmer, as you can stuff your Kong with many different yummy treats and then freeze it for a few hours. When you give it to your pup, it will keep them entertained trying to get the treat out of the Kong, and it will cool them down at the same time!  My pups love their Kongs so much that they know to bring me theirs when they want to switch it out with another treat filled one!  Let’s talk about how-to make Kong treat suffers for your pups. By the end of this post, you’ll have a great list of ideas and ingredients to stuff your pup’s Kong.

Decide what works best for your Pup

Most importantly- does your dog have any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or weight issues? If so, it’s ok, we can work with that!  Make sure to think about this when coming up with things to put in your pup’s kong.  We must be very careful with pets that have food allergies or other dietary restrictions as some of the ingredients we will be discussing may contain items that food-allergic pets might react to. Lastly, If your veterinarian has your pup on a diet, how about taking a portion of their dinner and stuffing it in a kong? It will keep them satisfied during the day. Or overweight pets can enjoy low-fat veggies in their Kongs. Just check with your veterinarian on the portion size that is OK to feed them. I have separated out the ingredients below into three categories based on texture; Paste, Liquid, and Solid ingredients. Let’s talk about each one.

Paste recipes- these can be fed right away or stored in the freezer for a tasty frozen treat!

The paste recipes can be placed in the hole of the kong with either a small spoon or I found the best way is with a butter knife, as it is smaller than the hole of the kong and you can then put your paste as far into the middle of the kong as you want. The more challenging it is to get to, the longer your pup will be entertained.

Liquid-based recipes

When using liquids, the best way to stuff the kong is to first plug the tiny hole at the bottom of the kong with a thick paste from the paste section so the liquid does not drain out easily. With the liquid recipes, you fill-up the kong, set in an upright position in a sandwich bag, and place in your freezer for up to 5 hours or longer. Your dog will enjoy this pup-sicle and it will keep them busy as they continually lick it and it slowly thaws.

Solid-based recipes

Solid items are great to cut up into small chunks and place in the kong, or they are great paired with one of the liquid or paste recipe items!

Toppers- Fun!

Your pups favorite bone treat makes good toppers once you have stuffed your kong. It will help hold the ingredients in and give your pup a challenge! You just need to push the bottom or half of the bone inside the hole. If your pup’s bone doesn’t fit in the hole of the kong- try a fruit or veggie topper!

Mix it up

Why only have one thing inside the kong- why not mix it up and make it fun for your pup! Here are some common mixtures from the ingredients listed above:

Give them a variety

Whatever ingredients or recipe you choose, make sure to give your pup variety so they don’t get the same thing every time, and start in small quantities so they don’t have digestive upset.  You could even mix up your ingredients and pre-make the kong “stuffing” for the week if it becomes a fun routine!

My favorite way to make the kongs is to combine any of my ingredients and freeze them- that way it is a longer-lasting and refreshing treat for my pups.  You can give any of the recipes as fresh and not frozen, just be prepared for your pup to be done with their kong within minutes!

Do you have a go-to recipe you use to stuff your pup’s kong? Let’s hear about it in the comments!

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