In Honor of October being National Pit Bull Awareness Month, let’s talk about Pit Bulls! Here are some interesting facts!

It seems that similar to fashion trends, the popularity of dog breeds will change with times! The Disney movie 101 Dalmations saw a massive increase in Dalmation puppies. Marley and Me made the already popular Laborador Retriever even more demanding!  Traveling to different parts of the world, you will see different popularities of dogs as well.  You may find more Husky type dogs in Alaska; however, in California, you may find more Chihuahuas or other small dog breeds! Lately, the Pit bull has reached the list of becoming a common breed, both in the positive and negative aspects of dog ownership.  In honor of October being National Pit Bull Awareness month, let’s learn a little more about this popular breed of dog.

The “Pit Bull” Breed

Characteristics of Pit Bulls

What They Were Bred For, & What They Are Used For Today

The “Dangerous Dog” List?

Do Your Research!

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