Dental Disease: 4 Tips on Keeping Your Pet’s Teeth Healthy!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Some folks may wonder why there is a month dedicated to dental health for pets. Unfortunately, dental disease is a very common health concern in dogs and cats. Did you know that over 80% of dogs and cats have signs of dental disease by the age of 3? […]

Useful Tips to Help Your Cat Lose Weight…

Just like in humans, pet obesity is at an all-time rise. Over 58% of cats and dogs in the United States alone are considered overweight or severely obese.  The causes of pets becoming overweight can be many varying reasons, dependent on the lifestyle of the pet and their owner, their environments, and of course, their […]

Healthy Treat Solutions for Overweight (AKA “Fluffy”) Pets

Did you know that over 58% of dogs and cats in the United States are considered overweight? Like in humans, pet obesity is on the rise and is a significant health concern.  There are many reasons why pets can become overweight. However, a common cause is due to overfeeding our pets. Let’s address this reason […]

7 Benefits of Having A Regular Exercise Routine with Your Dog…

January is National Walk Your Pet Month. With busy holidays, workdays, and active families with kids, a lot of the time, the family dogs don’t get to go on regular walks. It’s no big deal, right? While a little break from exercise is OK once or twice a week, any more than that can start […]

Why Cleaning Up After Your Dog is So Important!

Most folks have encountered stepping in dog poo in public areas.  Besides being smelly and annoying, dog poop causes many environmental and social issues.  Sadly, at least 40% of people won’t pick up after their dog in public areas. The act of cleaning up after your dog has become a touchy subject for most folks. […]

Diabetes And Pets: What Are The Facts?

Diabetes is becoming a common disease in dogs and cats in the United States. According to Banfield Pet Hospital’s website, diabetes cases have increased by 80% in dogs and 23% in cats since 2016. That is a big jump! But Why are pets getting diabetes all of the sudden? Let’s learn a little more about […]

6 Tips for Enjoying an Amazing Halloween Holiday with Pets

I have always thought of Halloween as the official start of the fall festivities! For families with children, Halloween tends to be a favorite holiday. Kids get to dress up in costumes, socialize, and collect boatloads of candy. If you have pets involved in the mix, sometimes Halloween can turn out to be exciting! Here […]