15 Perfect Gifts for the Pet Lovers in Your Life

Looking for a great gift for the pet lover in your life? Check out this list of 15 perfect gift ideas! For the folks that sit behind a desk, a pet-themed calendar is a great gift! Check out this Dog Shaming calendar on Amazon- guaranteed to get some laughs and brighten their day! For the […]

4 Thoughts to Consider When Giving Pets as Gifts

My husband would tell you that as a child, his favorite memory of Christmas was when his parents gave him and his sister their adorable black kitten. His parent’s original plan was to give the kitten to him and his sister on Christmas Day inside a cute box.  However, when they picked up the kitten […]

DIY: Thanksgiving “Doggie Bags” to Take Home to the Pets!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Being the foodie that I am, I love cooking and stuffing myself with excellent food, drinks, and desserts. Our family tends to gravitate towards my house for Thanksgiving, mostly because my husband and I are dog people. We don’t mind if the family brings their canine crew over […]

Boarding Your Pets: What You Need To Know

The holiday season is right around the corner! For some folks, celebrating the holidays means jumping on an airplane and spending a few days with loved ones. Do you or your loved ones have travel plans for the holiday season?  If so, what about the pets? Will you take them with you on your travels, […]

Why Cleaning Up After Your Dog is So Important!

Most folks have encountered stepping in dog poo in public areas.  Besides being smelly and annoying, dog poop causes many environmental and social issues.  Sadly, at least 40% of people won’t pick up after their dog in public areas. The act of cleaning up after your dog has become a touchy subject for most folks. […]

Diabetes And Pets: What Are The Facts?

Diabetes is becoming a common disease in dogs and cats in the United States. According to Banfield Pet Hospital’s website, diabetes cases have increased by 80% in dogs and 23% in cats since 2016. That is a big jump! But Why are pets getting diabetes all of the sudden? Let’s learn a little more about […]

11 Pet “Tech” Items to Put on Your Pet’s Wish List!

Nowadays, with the advancement in technology and pet products available, it seems that owning a pet has never been easier or more convenient! As pet owners, we have so many options available to help balance our busy lifestyles and taking good care of the pets. Whether you are a tech-savvy pet owner or are just […]

6 Tips for Enjoying an Amazing Halloween Holiday with Pets

I have always thought of Halloween as the official start of the fall festivities! For families with children, Halloween tends to be a favorite holiday. Kids get to dress up in costumes, socialize, and collect boatloads of candy. If you have pets involved in the mix, sometimes Halloween can turn out to be exciting! Here […]

Fun Facts About Pit Bulls…

In Honor of October being National Pit Bull Awareness Month, let’s talk about Pit Bulls! Here are some interesting facts! It seems that similar to fashion trends, the popularity of dog breeds will change with times! The Disney movie 101 Dalmations saw a massive increase in Dalmation puppies. Marley and Me made the already popular […]