Caring for Pets with Food Allergies: What to Consider

Have you been thinking that recently when it comes to your pet, you find that you are so frustrated? You have discovered the annoyance of the licking or itching and scratching that seems to never end lately with your pet. Or maybe, your pet has been licking themselves and itching so bad that they now […]

How To: Making Kong Treat Stuffers for Your Dogs

If you have dogs that get bored easily or just love treats, Kong toys are the way to go! Kong toys serve many purposes; they can be a durable chew toy, a fetch toy, and even an interactive toy to stuff food and treats in the center.  My pups are crate trained, and a great […]

Are Succulents Toxic to Pets?

Succulents are becoming popular with home decorations and landscaping due to their beauty and relatively low maintenance. Furthermore, gardening experts say they are relatively easy to grow and are good plants for beginners. Depending on where you live, you can even plant them outside. As beautiful and fun as these plants are, what about those […]

8 Items to Discuss When Taking Your Cat to the Vet

0SHARES August 22nd is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day. That sounds fun, right? Not!  Most cat owners would rather go to the dentist to get a root canal than to take their cat to the vet. Whether it is the crying and yowling or even getting kitty back home and being ignored […]

5 Solutions to Help Your Pet Fight the “End of Summer” Blues

0SHARES August and September are considered back-to-school months for the kids and adults attending college. For most families, this also is usually the end of summer and vacations. For pets, this can be a stressful time. Suddenly everyone is not at home as much as they were in the summertime, and the pets are confused […]

Pregnant Moms and Feline Toxoplasmosis- What’s the Big Scare?

0SHARES Are you pregnant, or know someone that is? Congratulations!  It seems that when someone is pregnant, they and their significant other are all the sudden so much more aware of their body and making sure they are in optimum health. After all, there is a baby growing in there now! A common behavior nowadays with […]

Budgeting 101: Are Your Pets Included in Your Budget?

Are you thinking of getting a pet, or maybe you already have a pet? One of the biggest concerns pet owners experience with owning pets is the finances. Let’s face it, owning a pet is very similar to owning a child, except pets can be less expensive to have- sometimes! I have three dogs and […]

Assistance Animal, ESA, Therapy Animals- What do They do?

August 5th-11th is International Assistance Dogs week, and it really had me thinking about how amazing these animals are. Just think about what they do every day for their owners! Do you know the difference between a “service animal”, “Emotional support animal” and a “therapy animal”? I thought they were all classified as service animals, but […]