In this day and age, people are looking for household cleaning products that do not contain harsh chemical ingredients, but rather products with natural ingredients that have powerful cleaning properties. There is an “earth safe” movement happening, and there is nothing wrong with it!

How Are Household Cleaning Items Harmful to Pets?

Birds can be very sensitive to household cleaning products.

According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control, generally speaking, most cleaning products designed for household use are not harmful or poisonous to pets if used properly according to the labeled instructions. However, if your pet ingests a cleaning product, there is always the potential for problems to occur.  Birds tend to be very sensitive and can have respiratory issues, more so than dogs or cats, so I recommend checking out my fellow friends at Best Friends Animal Society for more information on safe cleaning products to use around birds. I am not a bird expert so I would definitely do some research!

The trick with cleaning products is to allow them to completely be wiped up or dry before allowing your pet to have access to the area you cleaned. Depending on the cleaning product used, your pet may have some skin irritation if they stepped into an area that was still wet.  If your pet stepped into the wet area and then licked their paws, they may have some salivation, vomiting, or stomach upset, again depending on what ingredients were in the cleaning product.  If you are ever concerned about your pet ingesting a household cleaner, look at the product label to read the ingredients and the warning labels for the product. If you are still unsure, go to an animal poison control website, or go to that product’s website to find out more information.

If your pet has ingested the cleaning product, you can contact an Animal Poison Helpline such as the ASPCA Animal Poison Control or the Pet Poison Helpline.  Both of these resources are open 24/7 and they are staffed with Veterinary Professionals to give you advice regarding your pet’s unique situation. They have the resources to look up the ingredients in the product your pet came into contact with and then will advise you on exactly what to do for your pet.  Think of it as a unique, catered treatment plan for your pet, and the advice provided to you is coming from a licensed Veterinarian, so you know you can trust what you are being told to do.  Both of these animal poison helplines do have a small fee associated with the phone call, however, you can rest assured that you are getting professional advice and know your pet will be OK.  If you have pet insurance, or if your pet is microchipped, there are some pet insurance companies or pet microchip companies that will cover the cost of the phone call to the pet poison helpline if you tell the helpline when calling that you are a member of that organization. 

What if I Want to Use Natural or “Pet Safe” Household Cleaning Products?

If you still feel more comfortable using cleaning products that are labeled as “pet safe”, I have compiled a small list of products I have found that the companies specifically state that the product contains pet-safe ingredients OR all-natural ingredients:

Counter Culture Company offers a probiotic-based, non-toxic cleaning product. This company has all-purpose cleaners, air and fabric fresheners, floor cleaners.  You can find their products at or whole foods stores.

Nature’s Miracle has a whole line of pet-safe cleaners, stain removers, and odor removers. You can find their products at,, or locally at Target, Walmart, Petco or PetSmart pet stores.

Bean & Lily is a company that was inspired by their animals to make pet-safe products. They have a whole line of natural house cleaning products including all surface cleaners, glass cleaners, bathroom and floor cleaners, and laundry items. You can find them at or

PL 360 Company has a whole line of pet products that have only plant-derived ingredients including carpet and floor cleaners,  multi-surface cleaners, carpet powders, and stain and odor removers.   You can find their products at PL360PET.COM or, or locally at Target or Walmart stores.

Clean+ Green company offers a whole line of natural household products including carpet and floor cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, litter box cleaners, fabric cleaner refreshers, and other cleaning/ odor free products.  They even have a skunk odor remover for your pet’s coat and your home! Find them at or at

Natural Flower Power company makes products that are family and pet safe. Their products contain only plant-based ingredients and claim to be hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly.  They not only offer household cleaning products; they also offer dish soaps, hand soaps, and air fresheners.  They offer a “Free and Clear” cleaner made without essential oils, harsh chemicals, dyes or fragrances, for extra sensitive people and pets.  You can find them at or

Puracy Company offers an all-natural, plant-based product line that has everything you can think of!  They have soaps, all-purpose cleaners, detergents, carpet and upholstery cleaners, personal care items and baby items, and much more! Their products claim to be hypoallergenic and pet/kid safe. You can find them at,, or locally at a Target or Walmart store.

Biokleen company offers a whole line of cleaning products as well as laundry and household products. This company states their products are pet safe and has a whole line of enzymatic pet stain and odor removing products. You can find them at,,, or locally at Target, Walmart, or GNC stores.

Other Natural Household Cleaners and Odor Removers

Other common items you may already have around the house that are pet-friendly are baking soda, as well as vinegar. Baking soda contains many cleaning and odor removal solutions, and vinegar is a great cleaning solution. Just like any other product, if your pet ingests baking soda or vinegar it could be harmful, so keep an eye on your pet.


It’s important to always read the labeling on ANY product you use for cleaning as not all products are safe for all surfaces of your house. Some cleaning products may discolor furniture, others may even damage your flooring.  Products with WARNING or DANGER labels must be read carefully to ensure you are using the product correctly as labeled.

Some cleaning products, even “natural” products, can have essential oils in their ingredients.  Cats can be extremely sensitive to essential oils, so if you have kitties in your house, make sure to read the ingredient lists in even the “natural” products. With whatever product you decide to use for house cleaning, regardless if it is labeled as pet-safe or not, it is always wise to keep your pets clear from the area until you are done using the product.

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