There’s a reason they call it the “Dog Days of Summer”!

Summer is here, and most of us are spending our free time outdoors more often than at any other time of the year. The kids are out of school, the weather is generally nicer or warmer, and there are a lot more community events happening.  Some of us find it depressing to leave the dog at home when it’s such a nice day out, but we are not quite sure what to do with our pups. Here is a list of ideas and activities that you can involve your dog in, so the entire family can enjoy the summer together!

Dog Festivals and Social Events

Most coffee shops, breweries, and even local towns or cities have events throughout the summer celebrating your dog!  Whether it’s getting coffee at the local coffee shop, a barbecue, or a beer and wine tasting event, a lot of local businesses support your pups. Search online at your local city or chamber of commerce website for the next event near you or contact your local pet-themed businesses such as veterinarians, dog training facilities, daycare and boarding facilities, or rescues for more information.  

Relays, Walks, and Fundraisers

There are many dog-friendly 5k’s, runs, or walks happening throughout the summer, and some even celebrate bringing your pooch! Most of these relays are fundraisers that go towards a good cause in the community, but it’s a great way to get a little exercise and have your dog meet new friends in the area.

Pet Expo Events

If you have not attended a pet expo before, you and your pooch are missing out! Pet Expo’s are a pet-themed fair that takes place usually during an entire weekend, showing exhibitions of pet products and services available in your area or nearby your area! It is a great place to meet different pet-themed companies, try out new pet products, check out some local dog clubs and activities, and learn new things about your pet! Best of all, you can usually bring your dog along to these events. Search online for a Pet Expo near you.  

Dog Washes

So, attending a dog wash might not be too fun for your pup, however, you get a clean dog out of the deal, and there are usually fun activities happening at the dog wash as well. Most shelters, rescues, and veterinarians usually host a dog wash fundraiser at some point during the summer to help support your local pet community.

Dog Sports and Training Events

Many local dog trainers and facilities offer dog classes and events during the summer!  Whether it be Flyball, Dock Jumping, Agility, Field trials, or even just brushing up on some obedience skills, there is a class, club or event happening for every type of doggie personality!

Dog Parks

Whether it be a small town or larger city, most places have dedicated dog parks for your pooch to run and play. If your dog gets along well with other dogs, this is a great opportunity for them to meet new doggie friends!

Outdoor Activities

If you are an active person, or your pooch doesn’t really like large crowds and events, there is always the great outdoors! There are endless activities to do outdoors, such as hiking, swimming, boating, jogging, or even throwing the ball or Frisbee for your pooch at a local park.  Just remember to do the research for the specific area you plan on visiting to ensure it is dog-friendly and bring proper gear for your pooch so they can have a safe and fun time with you.

Other Ideas

Check Social Media Pages/Postings

There are many dedicated pet pages available on social media that advertise pet events happening, or even have discussions on fun things to do with your pet in the area!

Summer Vacation? Bring Fido

Planning a vacation to a specific area? Check out the website for information on the area you are traveling to and the fun activities available for you and your pup! This website posts exclusive lists of dog-friendly activities, restaurants, parks, and places to stay, as well as reviews!

Wherever You May Go, Don’t Forget the Manners

Whatever activity or event you decide to attend this summer, don’t forget your manners! Unfortunately, there are some parks and outdoor recreation areas that are tightening up the rules on allowing dogs simply because people are not respecting the area! As gross as it may be, you need to be prepared to pick up after your pooch if they make a mess. There is nothing more frustrating than stepping in a pile of poo!  If you know your dog doesn’t get along with other people or pets, keep a close eye on them and don’t let them off-leash when others are around.  Being courteous and having good dog-manners will help the dog community to continue to be able to host fun activities and events.  Here’s to some happy dog days of summer and enjoy the good weather with your pooch!

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