When it comes to shopping, everyone always wants to feel like they are getting the best deal for their budget.  So, when it comes to pets, why would it be any different? Whether it is food, toys, bedding, or veterinary care, owning a pet can be expensive. With my four critters, there is always something I need to pick up when we are at the store.  Over the last 5-10 years, the pet supply industry has boomed as well. With pets becoming more like family members rather than just the backyard dog or cat, the retail industry is taking advantage of this!  I cannot remember the last time I walked into a grocery store and didn’t see a whole aisle dedicated to pet care items.

I’m not sure if you have a warehouse store in your area that you can shop at, but if you do and you’re a pet owner, you need to check out the pet supplies section!  I was in Sam’s Club a while ago and was waiting for my husband to finish up his usual stroll through the store, so I ventured down the pet aisle. I knew they carried some warehouse brand foods and even some cat litter, but WOW, I had no idea about the number of pet products they now have!  After taking a stroll and looking around, I got curious and checked out their online selection, as well as Costco’s pet supply section. Here are some exceptional items you can find at warehouse stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club, at reasonable prices!

Pet Beds

The selection of pet beds you can find online and in the store is not too bad! These beds are of good quality and can hold up to some wear and tear!  Costco had some beds available for larger dogs, at great prices! If you have older pets, both Costco and Sam’s Club also had numerous orthopedic pet beds to look at as well.  

Pet Medications At The Pharmacy

If your pet is on a medication, Costco’s pharmacy carries many pet medications that are affordable enough to consider checking out.  While I am an advocate of supporting my veterinarian, Costco seems to have comparable pricing.

A Wide Range of Pet Treats

I was surprised at the different brands of pet treats that Sam’s Club and Costco now carry in stock! My dogs have food allergies, and I managed to find the treats that they can have at Costco! Before checking at Costco, the only place I found their treats was at PetSmart or Petco.

Pet Supplements

If your pets are on any supplements such as joint support, fish oils, multi-vitamins, or even dental chews, both Costco and Sam’s Club had many options and brands to choose from, including some well-known brands recommended by veterinarians.

Pet Furniture, Kennels, Crates

You can usually find one or two pet furniture type items in-store, but both at Costco and Sam’s club have a great online selection of crates, outdoor dog kennels, and even cat furniture!

Holiday and Seasonal Items

As the holiday season approaches, Costco and Sam’s like to get in on the action of holiday gifts and usually have some cute affordable stocking stuffers, or even pet stockings! In addition to Holiday items, Sam’s Club has a great selection of pet travel items during the summer, or you can find them online too.

Not The First Place You Would Think To Look

Although shopping at Costco or Sam’s club isn’t necessarily a comparable experience to Petsmart or Petco, I was surprised enough by the selection of supplies they had in store.  Convenience is always high on my priority list, and the less time that I am spending going to several stores, the better! Even if you do not have a Costco or Sam’s club in your area, the next time you are at a warehouse store peek and see what they have. You never know, you might find a deal on an item you have been buying elsewhere for your pet!   Have fun shopping for bargains!

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