Valentine’s Day can be a time for romance if you’re in a relationship, or it can be a little annoying if you’re single. Whether you are single, happily in a relationship, have a family, or are by yourself, Valentine’s Day can always be fun when you celebrate it with your dog!  After all, your dog is often your biggest admirer. Why not include them on Valentine’s Day? Here are 5 great ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pup…

Out on the Town

Head out for a drink, or dinner

Why not head out for a refreshment at a dog-friendly restaurant or bar? At least your doggy “date” won’t argue about you paying the bill, and it’s guaranteed you will have good company!  If you are not sure of a place you can go to in your town, check out for a place near you.  If all else fails, take your pup with you to a drive-through ice cream place or coffee stand. Most places offer a small cup of vanilla cream or whipped cream for your dog to enjoy. 

Head to the Park

When is the last time you took your pup to the park, or a dog park? Even if it is a regular occurrence to head to the park, your dog will enjoy it! Bring their favorite toy along and spend some extra time at the park. If you have kids, going to the park is a great way to help them burn off some energy too! After the park, why not head to get some of their favorite treats to take home and enjoy?

Home Bodies

Cook dinner and watch a movie, You don’t even have to dress up!

Nothing beats a dinner and movie date, especially when there are no expectations attached. Your pup won’t judge what you wear or whether you will kiss them!  If your feeling more comfortable staying home for Valentine’s Day, cook a nice dinner or order for takeout if you don’t cook. Give your pup a special treat while they “join” you for dinner, even if they are just longingly watching you eat. After dinner, put on a movie and snuggle with your pup.  If you have a family at home, they can be part of the dinner and movie time as well, and it might be more cost effective! 

Make some homemade treats

Why not make your pup a special treat for Valentine’s Day? Make a favorite homemade treat or try a new recipe! Your pup would appreciate their own version of a Valentine treat.  Check out this article we found on Pinterest for 15 Valentine’s Day Dog Treat Recipes.  Kids love to help in the kitchen, so this could be a fun experience for them as well!

Invite friends over with their dogs

Does your dog have any doggie friends they play with? Why not invite a friend and their pup over for a little socialization?  You can get some refreshments or an appetizer to share (for the humans), and the dogs could have a good time on their playdate. You can be sure that everyone will go home happy!

Just another day

Whether you decide to go out on the town or to stay home for Valentine’s Day, your dog will appreciate you for spending a little time with them.  Some may argue that Valentine’s Day is just another day. That statement may be true, but why not make Valentine’s Day an excuse to pamper yourself, your family, and your pup? After all, it can be argued that dogs are one of the only creatures to show their undying love to their owners.

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