Looking for a great gift for the pet lover in your life? Check out this list of 15 perfect gift ideas!

For the folks that sit behind a desk, a pet-themed calendar is a great gift! Check out this Dog Shaming calendar on Amazon- guaranteed to get some laughs and brighten their day! For the cat folks, there are also Cat calendars to choose from as well! If they are not into a calendar, check out a daily planner!

Pet themed clothing is another popular gift choice. You can get some funny pajamas or slippers, cute socks, shirts or even aprons. Check out the Dog is Good website for some fun ideas.

If you’re not sure what type of item you want to get for someone, try shopping at the Animal Rescue Site store by Greater good.  They have everything from clothing to decorations, cooking supplies, and even outdoor items.  Plus, every purchase you make provides food for shelter animals!

For the wine connoisseur, how about some pet-themed wine glasses? There are some great wine glasses out there with funny pet references on them. Check these out on Amazon! If you are not interested in buying wine glasses, how about this Cat Shaped Wine Holder and a bottle of their favorite wine?

Whether you are a child or an adult, coloring is a great way to relieve stress! Check out this Dog Shaming Coloring book for some fun!

If you want to try a personal touch, how about getting a Pet Portrait done of their pet? You could get a painting or charcoal sketch, or even get their pets photo on a blanket or pillow! Check out these ideas on Etsy for more inspiration.

If you know someone that makes their own pet treats- why not get them their own kit? Check out this Make Your Own Dog Treat kit or Dog Treat Maker on Amazon.  Cat lovers check out this Make Your Own Cat Treat kit on Amazon.

For the cat people in your life that have a rather odd sense of humor, these Cat Butt Crochet Coasters are a funny gag gift for them!

For the coffee lovers in your life, check out these Cat Lover Coffee Gift set or Dog lover Coffee Gift Set!  If you know that they like a specific blend of coffee or maybe they are a tea drinker, check out the Expedition Roasters Company.  They donate part of their proceeds to animal shelters and veteran organizations!

If you know someone that is continuously getting their pet new toys, treats, or other fun supplies, why not get them a subscription (or single) Pet Themed Gift Box? Barkbox is an excellent dog themed subscription box, and the RescueBox has a great cat-themed subscription available. RescueBox even donates some of its profits to animal shelters. 

If you know someone always giving back to charities, why not donate to a humane society in the gift person’s name?

For someone that always has cute things in their house, why not find them a lovely pet-themed houseware item such as a Christmas ornament, cute sign, coffee mug, key, or dog leash hangers? Check out some items on Etsy, Amazon, or the Animal Rescue Site Store by Greater Good.

For a holiday-themed gift, you can’t go wrong with finding a Pet-Themed Ugly Christmas Sweater!  There are so many out there to choose from, and they will have a great item to wear to a holiday party.

BONUS idea: If you know someone that could use some help with caring for their pet, how about getting them a gift certificate for a pet service. This could be a training class, dog walking, pet grooming, or even pet waste cleanup. (Hint- Hint, If you live in our area, we offer pet waste cleanup and dog walking services!)

There you have it folks, 15 gift ideas for pet lovers, plus a bonus idea!  If staying low budget is more your plan, or if you want something more personalized, check out my blog post on 13 Do-It-Yourself Projects (or Gifts) for the Pet Lovers in Your Life.

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