Summertime is a great time of year for outdoor play.  The weather is warmer and it is generally busier than any other time of the year. Depending on where you live, folks tend to be outdoors more in the summertime active with yard work, gardening, having outdoor barbecues/picnics, or active on outdoor adventures. Naturally, that usually means the pets are with them enjoying the fun.

For one of my pups, chasing the ball is on his mind 24/7. So, in the summertime, we are taking advantage of the nice outdoors and wearing him out with endless games of fetch. With the other pups, they would rather be in the shade watching all the action happen or supervising the barbecue.  Whatever the adventure, I always make sure the pups are entertained so they stay out of trouble. Here are 10 new summertime toys for any type of pup to enjoy!

Ball Launchers

PetSafe automatic ball launcher

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If you have a dog like mine, your throwing arm gets tired very quickly. My dog could literally fetch the ball for hours. He does not know when to stop! If you have a dog like mine, how about trying one of these automatic ball launchers- and you can teach your pup a new trick by teaching them how to use it! This automatic ball launcher will throw the ball up to 30 feet away, or as little as 8 feet away. How cool is that! Don’t let the price tag surprise you, there are many different models of these launchers on the market to suit your budget. The best part is, you can give your throwing arm a rest!

Hyper pet K9 cannon

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If you’re not quite ready for the full-on automatic ball launcher for the pup, Try out the Hyper Pet K9 Cannon. My dog loves this toy so much, I keep one with me at home, and one in the car always, in case we are stopping somewhere with the pups. This is an awesome inexpensive ball-launching gun! It also comes in a “mini cannon” size for smaller dogs that have smaller tennis balls.  The best part is, you don’t have to pick up the slobbery ball with your hands, you can use the cannon to pick up the balls! Think of this as a nerf gun, but for shooting the ball for the pups!  It is not high powered, but I would say it can shoot around 20 feet away.

Hyper dog 4 ball launcher

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This hyper dog 4 ball launcher toy looks amazingly fun- a slingshot version of a ball launcher. This would be great for longer distances- it claims that you can shoot the ball up to 200 feet away! I need one of these for my pup ASAP. Maybe he will be tuckered out faster!

Chew king thrower

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The good old reliable Chuck-it ball thrower is fun, how about trying this chew-king version? It has adjustable settings for many different types of throwing styles, so your little neighbor kid can throw it, or you can enjoy it too. It comes with many different ball options in case you have a pup that chews through tennis balls easily. The thrower will adjust to fit different sized balls as well.

Tired of Throwing?

Chuck-it kick fetch ball

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This is a good break from throwing the ball, and some dogs are more into the soccer/football thing anyways! This ball has some nice grooves in it so your pup can easily pick it up, and it has super durable material for the chewers. It comes in different sizes for multiple sizes of dogs.

Arctic freeze fetch food cooler toy

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With a name like that, this is an all-around multipurpose toy! You can stick it in the freezer if you have a teething pup who is into chewing, or for just a nice cool treat for any pup. It has some holes to insert edible chew sticks in so your pup can have some fun chewing, and it claims to be a durable enough design which makes it easy to throw if your pup wants to play a game of fetch. As with any chew toy, supervise your dog just in case they do chew it up.

Wicked bone

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This is one cool interactive toy, very high tech! This is a great indoor or outdoor toy for the pups. it’s a great chaser/teaser toy and you can even control it with your phone and drive it around like a remote-controlled car! It has settings on it to make it jump or vibrate, to entice your pup to want to play with it. If your pup likes to chase things, this may be the new favorite! I would like to test it out to see if my super fast pup can catch it.

Water Toys

Summer sports dogs ballistic bumper

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For those super-fetcher dogs, this is a great one! Its heavy enough it can be thrown far, and it floats. It comes in bright colors for high visibility against the water.  A lot of retriever owners use this toy during the hunting off-season to keep them practicing!

Dog bouncing chew ball floating toy

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OK, this is a neat water ball. If you play catch in the pool or lake, bring this ball along as it floats and bounces off the water! A fun, interactive ball for the pup to swim for!  Whether your playing catch with friends on a hot summer day in the water or throwing the ball for the pup, this can be a really fun toy.

Chuck-it zipflight flying ring

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For those frisbee lovers, this is the ultimate summer toy! A frisbee like design, but it floats really well on the water! This would be a good one to throw off the dock for the pup or the kids! It has relatively durable material built to hold up against toy-shredders and games of tug-of-war.

BONUS: Sprinkle and splash play mat

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Although this is not so much a toy, this brings me back to the good old days of running through the sprinkler with the pup. This is a great mat for your pup to cool down on! If you have kids at home, I’m sure they would love to play on this too! It has adjustable spray heights so you can decide how wet you want everyone to be!

Endless Adventures

Whatever type of outdoor adventure you are including your pup in this summer, there is bound to be a toy on this list that fits the activity! Whether it be some type of fetching, chasing, happily lounging and chewing, or just relaxing in the water, the most important thing to your pup is the quality time you spend with them.  I encourage you and the family to get out this summer, even if it is just sending the kids to the backyard with the pup and enjoy the nice weather!

Is there a summertime toy your pet loves that is not on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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